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Jan 31, 2016


Repeatedly we invite you grateful to the Creator, because our country has created fertile. It feels almost any plant can be grown in the country. Biological wealth is so great that dear premise is that if wasted, because nothing created by God in vain useless.

Lime, the plant was already very familiar in the life of Indonesian society. Whether used as a cooking spice, herb or for cosmetic purposes. Kaffir lime with the Latin name Citrus hystrix also known as kaffir lime. Kaffir lime is growing spread in Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. In Indonesia lime cultivation centers in East Java, precisely in Tulungagung.

Kaffir Lime contains chemical compounds of which are vitamin E, coumarin, benzenoid, alkaloids qunolina potentially efficacious as antiosidan, anti-HIV and antibacterial. Besides other compounds are citrusosida potentially prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease and gliseroglikolipid are efficacious antitumor. Efficacy lime

Traditionally lime is used to treat colds, asthma, and relax muscle tension due to fatigue or reduce the swelling of muscles and joints. In addition, the special efficacy for women that is as skin care and post-partum menstrual disorders. In keeping the area in Indonesian as Minahasa Kaffir lime is a side of Bakera, namely bath with warm water as the treatment of women after childbirth.

Based on research contents vitamin E or furanokumarin on lime can inhibit cholinesterase activity and thus potentially prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Besides the content of its potential as an antitumor gliseroglikolipid.

Recent research even suggests that lime can be potentially as guardians of the heart and liver function.

Utilizing Kaffir Lime for treatment:

2 pieces of lime squeezed the water mix with ½ cup of warm water, can add honey and drink as well.

Air lime 100 cc
Water pineapple 200 cc
Coconut milk 100 cc
Mix ingredients together, put in a sealed container and use as a shampoo 3-4 times a week

2 handfuls of fresh lime leaves, then boiled using 3 liters of water to a boil, let it roughly about 10 minutes. Then pour the potion into a bucket of warm water and use for bathing.

Fresh lime and cook 1-2 pieces, then squeeze the juice, add 1 tablespoon of honey to taste better, if nothing can be replaced with palm sugar to taste. and drink every morning and afternoon to recover.

Scaly or flaky skin
Prepare the lime and cut into 2-4 parts, after the first wash the affected skin and lime piece is rubbed on the skin is scaly or flaky
Jan 30, 2016
no image


The leaves are used to treat cough, fever, rheumatism, lower content of blood uric acid is high, diarrhea, dysentery, rectal prolapse in children, worms, head lice, external use for ulcers, sores, boils, scabies, scurvy, and eczema. Example usage:

Benefits Leaves Srikaya

Ulcers and boils
Clean the fresh leaves as needed and then milled until smooth. Add a little salt, then use the potion to plaster the ulcer and bandaged. Within a day, 2-3 times change.

Sudden fainting, reassuring the patient hysterical
Clean the fresh leaves modest, then mash until smooth. Bring mill last leaf on the patient's nose that smells inhaled by the patient.

Intestinal worms in children
Clean the fresh leaves of sugar apple (15 pieces), then boiled with five cups of water until the remaining three glasses. Once cool, strain and drink three times a day, semasing one glass.

Digestive Problems
Clean the leaves fresh srikaya necessary, milled until smooth, then imbuhkan coconut oil as needed. Stick it in the stomach.

Clean the fresh leaves of sugar apple (15 pieces), then milled until smooth. Squeeze the water whiting some one teaspoon and use for rubbing skin scabies. Perform daily 2 x.

Benefits Seeds and Fruit Srikaya

The seeds can also be used to deal with weak digestion, intestinal worms, and turning off head lice and insects. Soursop fruit that is still young is used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, acute and digestive problems (dyspepsia Atonik). Below are examples of its use:

Eradicate fleas
Bathe your dog fleas with water decoction of the leaves or seeds srikaya.
Pace, finely crushed leaves or seeds srikaya, modest add water, then strain the water and use to bathe a dog.

Deadly head lice
Clean the sugar apple seeds (10 grains) and leaves of fresh sugar apple (1 handful), then milled until smooth. Add a little oil, then mix well. Turapkan on the scalp, then wrap with a cloth. After three hours, open and wipe it clean. Never rinse water into the eye because it can result in irritated and inflamed.

Ripen boils
Take the contents of the fruit is ripe, then finely milled. Add a little salt, stirring, Turapkan on the boil, then wrapped with gauze.

Benefits Roots and Bark

Its roots are used to treat constipation, acute dysentery, mental depression, and back pain. Bark used to treat diarrhea, dysentery and bleeding wounds. Example Usage:

Clean bark srikaya (6-10 g), cut into small pieces, then add brown sugar modest. Boil four cups of water until the remaining half. Once cool, strain and drink 2 times a day, semasing one glass.
Jan 29, 2016
Dates are the fruit that only grows in the Middle East region, as well as the region with little rainfall. Every month of Ramadan arrives, palm trees will be fruitful, because that every month of Ramadan will be many dates that are sold all over the world, including Indonesia.

In the fasting month of dates into a dish iftar very healthy because the content is in the palm perfectly suited to the condition of the body of people who are full day's fasting.

This palm fruit contains iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, fiber, potassium, sucrose, glucose, and fructose in dates.

However, apart from that, there is no reason why the dates being very good in consumption during the fasting month of Ramadan. As reported, here goes some of those reasons.

1. Control your appetite

Palm fruit can provide energy quickly into the body, so that just by eating dates fasting person will be able to feel full, plus more fiber contained therein.

2. Neutralize the digestive system

Palm fruit can neutralize digestive system for several hours empty because of fasting. Dates will make the stomach is ready to receive a heavy meal and was not surprised to contract.

3. Constipation does not occur

Palm fruit can also make constipation because fasting does not occur. Palm fruit also meet the body's need for content contained in fruits and vegetables are very rarely consumed during the fasting month.

4. Kill bacteria

It turns out there are also several types of dates that could be the penicillin antibiotic and can help heal infections caused by bacteria.

5. Lower Cholesterol

Dates are also very good for lowering bad cholesterol that can endanger the health of the body and heart attack.
Jan 28, 2016
the dangers of herbal medicine or herbal medicine which is never revealed.

the dangers of herbal medicine or herbal medicine which is never revealed.

According to earlier times parents say if the herbs are made of a blend of traditional herbs can serve as the most efficacious drug to cure all kinds of diseases.

 But do you know if it turns out herbs and drugs - drugs herbal concoction is believed to be a natural remedy hazards have been revealed.

There are a number of dangers of herbal medicine and medicine - herbal never revealed. As reported by the, here it is the fifth danger of herbs or herbal medicine which is never revealed.

1. Skin rash
One of the dangers of drinking herbal medicine or medicine - herbal oabtan which can cause skin rashes. Herbs can affect the body temperature which cause skin rashes.

2. Can be toxic
Herbal medicine or herbal medicine although believed healthy but contain that could be toxic in the body.

3. Hair loss
Herbal medicines can also cause a person to experience hair loss. This usually occurs in someone who is not fit to drink herbal medicine.

4. Indigestion
Herbal medicines if taken in excess is also harmful to the health of the body that can affect digestive problems.

5. Ulcer
Herbal medicines can also cause ulcer disease due to the content in it that can affect skin problems.
Well, that's her fifth danger if that has not been revealed from herbal medicine or herbal medicine.
Jan 27, 2016
BAD CHOLESTEROL easily derived HEALED AND EASILY !!! Eat foods THIS !!!

BAD CHOLESTEROL easily derived HEALED AND EASILY !!! Eat foods THIS !!!

Avocados are a delicious fruit cream is considered healthy for the body human`s significant because it is rich in healthy fats are of no harm to us. On the other hand, research funded by the new avocado industry, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association states that the fruit is strong enough to drastically reduce the cholesterol in your blood if you consume one entire day.


The research included 45 healthy people overweighed but placed in an "average American diet" based on carbohydrates and saturated fats in a period of 2 weeks. After that, in the next 5 weeks, they switched to low-fat (24% fat) or one of the two flat-fat diet (34% fat). Groups of respondents exposed to one of the flat-fat diet of fat consumed with just one whole avocado a day, while the other group consumed fats such as canola or sunflower oil.

All respondents have improved the level of bad cholesterol (LDL), but the group that includes avocado in the diet has the best result that their bad cholesterol levels decreased by 13 points. While the other two groups had higher levels of cholesterol 8 points lower.

How Good Fats Help
As a rich source of monounsaturated fat, avocados abundant fatty acids that are quite useful for the proper function of your liver and can also help in reducing cholesterol levels. The study also proved that this way of healthy weight loss has more features to reduce cholesterol, such as plant sterols and fiber and a kind of sugar that increases satiety.

Avocado Per Day Is One Too Many? Try this Lighter Options

No matter how healthy and beneficial one avocado, as a matter of fact, he has about 30 g of fat and 320 calories which makes it difficult to consume every day. If you are one of those who can`t eat avocados throughout the day, you should try to consume at least half an avocado instead of some foods that are less nutritious.

Even half of avocado proven to lower LDL and cholesterol levels. You can put slices of avocado instead of cheese or sour cream on your black bean soup, mashed avocado spread on your sandwich, instead of mayonnaise, or instead of a granola bar you can prepare a mixture of half an avocado, a little lemon juice and a little salt. After 10-14 days you will be surprised with the results

Jan 26, 2016
the benefits of the bark and leaves of fruits

the benefits of the bark and leaves of fruits

Fruits is one fruit that is commonly found in Indonesia. This fruit can be found everywhere and the price is also very affordable. Not only that, fruits are also not familiar with the season so that you can get at any time.

 In addition to delicious fruits also contain nutrients that are good for your health. Unknown if the fruits contains 0.40 g Protein, 77kal Calories, carbohydrates 20.9 g, Calcium 28mg, 18mg Phosphorus, Iron 4,2mg 0,04mg Vitamin B, Vitamin C 2 mg, and 750 mg of water per 100 grams of fruits ,

Fruits contain beta-carotene which is very good for eye health. In 100 grams of fruits contain beta-carotene 5 times more than mangoes, 3 times of guava, and 5 times the watermelon red.

Fruits can also be useful for treating diarrhea or diarrhea. This is because in fruits tannins are substances that can help cure diarrhea. However, fruits are not good for pregnant women because it can cause constipation or difficult bowel movements (chapter).

Not only the fruit, leaves and bark turns skin is very beneficial for health. The leaves and bark bark can be used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The skin may be made herb is good for health. How to make are:

1. Take the skin of fruits 100 gr (please do not use fruit).

2. Rinse with water until clean.

3. then put in the cooking pot (do cauldron aluminum, or iron).

4. pour with 1000 ml of water.

5. wear a small fire boiled once, until the water boils.

6. strain and drink the water.

7. bark bark that has been boiled can not be used again.
fruits as a cure hemorrhoid

For the leaves can be useful to cure hemorrhoids, to make potions. The trick is:

1. grab bark leaves to taste, then wipe it clean
2. boiled with water, the composition of three leaves salakuntuk one glass of water (200 cc)
3. after cooking, strain, imbuhkan brown sugar to taste.
4. drink during warm 2 times a day

Well, it is very useful the fruits, bark bark bark and leaves. So, if you buy bark skin should not be disposed of, can you use to health.

Dec 30, 2015
Malacca or amla fruit benefits for health and beauty:

Malacca or amla fruit benefits for health and beauty:

Malacca fruit or amla (Indian gooseberry) has many names such as amlaki, ammalaki, amala, nilika, nilikya, mellikai and there are many more. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, fiber and carbohydrates. So what are the benefits of Malacca or amla fruit for health and beauty? see below.

Here are 17 benefits of Malacca or amla fruit for health and beauty:

Avoiding Cancer
High antioxidant content in Malacca or amla fruit useful to help avoid changes in some carcinogenic cells and free radicals. Consuming Malacca or amla fruit regularly can help one to avoid cancer of the stomach, skin, and especially also in spite of the possibility of liver cancer.

Reduces Cholesterol
Amla fruit is packed with vitamin C, amino acids, and pectin to help reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol content. This sort of thing also makes the protection of the arteries and veins of fat.

Healthy digestion
High fiber content in Malacca or amla fruit useful to help bowel movement in order to stay healthy. As a result, the elimination of wastes in the digestive tract become more regular. Not only that, the fruit of Malacca or amla can also neutralize acidity and have a cooling effect on the body.

Lose Weight
Malacca fruit or Amla helps in detoxifying the body by removing all toxic substances and by way of indirect lowering your weight. This fruit is perfect to make so for other alternative foods to your diet.

Controlling High Blood Pressure
Malacca or amla fruit is very effective in regulating high blood pressure. Beyond that, the Malacca or amla fruit also make your mind and body more enjoy and convenient. Mix the Malacca or amla fruit powder with honey and do not forget to your daily consumption in order to obtain the best results.

Increase Blood Flow
Malacca or amla fruit increase blood flow in the body, reduce blockage of blood flow to the heart to increase its flow. And again with antioxidants, amla can clean the toxins from the body to make the protection of the liver from damage. And, Malacca or amla fruit has been widely used in the treatment of liver cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Strengthen heart
Malacca or amla fruit protect blood vessels and arteries to keep it clean. The content of iron promotes the formation of red blood cells aru and indirectly by way of reducing the likelihood of heart attacks.

Protects Eye Health
Malaka drink fruit juice or honey Amla combined could make improvements eye health situation.

Helps Calcium Absorption
There's vitamin C content makes Malacca or amla fruit can help the absorption of calcium in a way that will make the most out of bones, teeth, and nails in good health.

Overcoming Diabetes
Consuming Malacca or amla fruit juice will mengaftikan various types of cells that will be m3r4n * 4 ng h0rm0n insulin production. Excessive sugar content in the blood will be taken to make energy, until the sugar content in the blood will continue to be stable.

Clean Kidney
By eating the fruit of Malacca or amla participate and make the kidneys clean the kidneys can work with a maximum way.

Evade Infection
Consuming fruit or Amla Malacca will make the protection of our body from infection and increase immunity.

Increase Appetite
Consuming fruit or Amla Malacca plus honey before meals can improve appetite in children.

Maintaining Healthy Skin
Malacca or amla fruit is rich in vitamin C. Therefore Malacca or amla fruit consumption can help you obtain a smooth skin. In addition, vitamin C can also help remove toxins from the body and avoid acne

Prevent Aging
Consuming Malacca or amla fruit will reduce the content of free radicals in the body. Free radicals can cause various types of diseases and causes premature aging.

Maintaining Healthy Hair
Consuming fruit or Amla Malacca by way of direct or fruit paste Malacca applying to the hair in a straightforward manner will make the hair healthy and strong.

How is the fruit of this one? many are also not useful. Hopefully this info useful and add insight about the benefits of fruits.
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